Contact us if you would like to purchase a piece, for feedback, to send us your photos or for any further info!

Please call Sjaan on +263 (0) 772 271 523, Leanne on +263 (0) 772 376 300 and/or Stuart on +263 (0) 772 302 747, or email us using the following address:

Our North American representative, Keith Holshausen, can be reached at or +1 (0) 919 656 5814

Gallery Director, Stuart Danks

Gallery Manager, Sjaan Paymans

Gallery Assistant, Andrew Nyamutowera

Assistant Manager, Leanne Murray

 Keith Holshausen, North American Representative

Keith Keith Holshausen, North American Representative

Victoria Falls Hotel Gallery


Monday to Sunday – 0630 to 1700
Saturday – 0630 to 1130

Where to find us

The main Stone Dynamics Gallery is at Victoria Falls Hotel, but we have a smaller gallery at Sprayview Hotel, and objects on show at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and Bayete Guest Lodge. Please contact us using the relevant details above for more information!