We are delighted to announce the publication of our book on Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture to commemorate 30 years of Stone Dynamics Gallery.

This beautiful full colour coffee table book celebrates Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture – those who create it and those who honour it.

Join author, Stuart Danks, on a journey through the fascinating history of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture through to its relevance today.   Read about the process whereby stone in manually mined, transported great distances, and then skillfully carved by hand into a magnificent piece of art. Learn about the artists who have created the sculpture that continues to fascinate the world. Pore over the superb photography that gives insight into this resplendent art form.

Also available in the gallery at the Victoria Falls Hotel

This timeous book gives an immediate and accessible insight into the fascinating story of the contemporary stone sculpture of Zimbabwe, the diversity and power of which is brought to life in this visually rich compilation of many of the artists who have made this extraordinary African art movement world-renowned.

This book, written by a passionate and experienced galleriest, tells the story of how this unique art form came about and took its place on the world stage. It enhances our understanding and appreciation of how a raw piece of stone is extracted with great labour from deep within the Zimbabwean soil, and skillfully and lovingly transformed into a valued piece of art.

This book summarises the history of the stone sculpture movement in Zimbabwe from the beginning, taking the reader through history, today and the future. It also gives the reader an understanding of how the different artists approach their work, taking them through the creative process. Stuart Danks is one of the pioneer dealers to support

and promote Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture and he has a long-standing relationship with the artists, many of whom are featured in this book.

This book offers insight and depth into an unknown world that was, at face value, merely sculptures. Factual yet highly interesting, it reveals the mystical world behind this precious Zimbabwean art and how this movement has grown from infancy to worldwide status.

I am pleased and honoured to write this short testimonial for the new book written by Stuart Danks. Having supported many artists myself over the past 50 years, it is uplifting and encouraging to come across a gallery who cares for the artists they support and their long-term growth through good and lean times, and who advises and encourages them in artistic matters. _ is caring for the artists will extend also to the customers who support

them, and so I thank Stone Dynamics Gallery for their commitment and dedication in this field, and hope they will continue for many years.