Dominic Benhura

Born in 1968 in the small Zimbabwean town of Murewa, Dominic Benhura has become one of Africa’s greatest contributors to the world of contemporary art. He began sculpting as a young boy under the instruction of his internationally acclaimed sculpting cousin, Tapfuma Gutsa. An outstanding student and self-professed workaholic, Dominic showed incredible promise and artistic vision during his early period, often blending stone and metal to create some of the most cutting-edge work ever produced in Africa.

Over the past decade, Dominic has developed one of the most recognizable and contemporary sculpting styles in the world. His technical ability and emphasis on form and movement, rather than facial features, make his work timeless and universal. He derives endless inspiration from his four young children – Munashe, Hazel, Hither and Tapuwa. Once his artistic energy takes control of the stone, Dominic is known to work through the night for days on end to create his pieces.

Since the early 1990’s, Dominic has maintained a rigorous exhibition schedule in Europe, Asia and America.

Dominic Benhura Collection