Godfrey Matangira

Godfrey was born in Wedza, Zimbabwe. His uncle was Nicholas Mukomberanwa who was one of Zimbabwe’s top sculptors and he was raised by Nicholas mother and his Grandmother when his mother passed away.

Nicholas and Albert Mamvura his other uncle taught him to sculpt and at Nicholas’s studio in Ruwa he was introduced to other artists who showed him other skills. He also learnt to use the special hand tools used to carve the hard stones. In 1998 in joined Nicholas studio to start his career as a professional artist. Unfortunately Nicholas died in 2002 and moved to work with his cousin Nesbert Mukomeranwa. In 2006 he started on his own until moving to the Chitungwisa Arts Centre a year later.

A special artist with a unique style of sculpting busts of women with flamboyant hair. His sculptures are an important component of the art sold by Stone Dynamics Gallery.

Godfrey Matangira Collection