Rufaro Ngoma

Rufaro was born in 1981 in Nyanga, Zimbabwe and went to school at Anla mission. As a boy he often visited the Nyanga Craft Centre where he helped the senior sculptors. He gradually started creating his own pieces after learning how to use the tools and choosing the right stone.

After school he went to work with his cousin Cephas Mashaya at the family’s art workshop in Harare and he continues to be an active member there.

The raw stone is the main source of his inspiration. Rufaro says the stone is dynamic and his original idea can change once he starts to sculpt and new ideas emerge and his dialogue with the stone continues. He is also inspired by rural home in Nyanga and visits there frequently from his new home in Harare.

In 2008 he was invited to the Netherlands to participate in a group exhibition of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture. He also did three months of sculpting workshops and was awarded a certifcate for his teaching.

Rufaro Ngoma Collection